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Thursday, December 10

I Like This Picture

Aiman turn 11 months

i'm so upset la.....

I feel so upset with myself for gaining to much weight and emotional eating, i have. How can i reduce my weight. People always said "dont eat sweets, bread or anything with a lot calories"..arghhhhh so payah because i like that all things. What else can i do..wanna be thin again..remembered for the last 10 years my weight was 52kg only. long time been ek heheheh....i want to be like that. so comey huuhuhuh perasan lol. I'm trying to get my body back. InsyaAllah...My weight at the moment 85kg so berat kan..So anybody got the idea or petua-petui we can share here..

New Update!!

So so sorry for the lack of update...i've been quite busy for the last few months. Now, i'm ready to start the blog again. So long no update for my life journey especially our baby Aiman.


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