Monday, July 19

Weekend Break

Nothing exciting happened during this week. We didn't go anywhere.We just stayed in our house. Well, since we had nowhere to go, and mostly we were at home, we decided to tidy things up. We spent much time doing sprint-cleaning. Weekends was the only time since in weekdays, we would be back home quite late, thus leaving us with no energy to do some cleaning. Oh! flowers in the post needed much care. Some were dry and grass had grown in some pots.Tree that most I love is bonsai tree.........I love bonsai, but come to think of it, i love other types of plants too.

1 comment:

Incik RestNrilekS said...

Yeah i like to just restnrileks on sunday doing nothing noor.

Sometimes, restnrileksing is a great way to recharge your energy.

I ve read somewhere an article about mini-mini vacation that you can do in your home. I am trying out to practise such idea.

Ouhmmmmm positive energy be with me.. Hehehe


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