Friday, December 23

Happy Birthday Aiman

AFIF AIMAN today you are 3!
Syukur Alhamdulillah.....
Ibu and Abah, We love you.
You make us smile every day
and you are amazing in every way.
We watch you grow and learn new things,
Flying through each stage like you have wings.
We've watched you crawl, walk and run,
without a doubt your the WORLDS GREATEST SON!!!
Todays the third of many birthdays to come.
We can't wait for more laughter, excitment and fun.
You are our wonderful, amazing little boy
lots of love from Ibu and abah!


My Little Diary said...

happy 3rd birthday aiman
semoga menjadi anak yg soleh

whitecappuccino said...

Happy birthday Aiman!!

nanakimie said...

epy besday aiman:)

semoga aiman mbesar dgn sihat n jadi anak yg bijak pandai..amin...

east said...

apy besday aiman..muah!!!

@e_da said...

happy birtday aiman cute! jd anak yg soleh dan bijak ya


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